The Soul Behind the Sweat <3


Ever wonder how The Sweat House came to be? Below, Kayla, The Sweat House owner, shares her powerful testimonial and I promise it is worth the read!


I was addicted to that runner’s high and couldn’t bring myself to take a “rest day.” Even though I could feel my body screaming that it needed a break, I still pushed it. This lead to stress fractures in my shin where I was forced to take 8 weeks off of running. I thought my life was over. How was I going to go 8 weeks without running when I couldn’t even go one day without it! I started doing some low impact workouts, like Pure Barre, but was still craving the sweat I got from running. I went home and Googled, “How to sweat without working out”.

My thought was that Google was going to tell me that there wasn’t a way, but to my surprise, the search results came back with infrared saunas. I searched for where I could find one in Nashville which led me to a holistic spa with a box infrared sauna in Midtown. Still not knowing much about infrared saunas, I enjoyed my first session and was intrigued enough to buy a package. Over the next 4 weeks I went about 3 times a week for 1 hour (you have to do a longer session in the box infrared saunas to get the benefits than you do in our pods).

After my 8 weeks were up I went in for my follow up with my doctor hoping everything was healed with my shin. He said that everything was looking great and even my calcium deposits on my shins had cleared up! Because of this, he gave me the clear! I told him about my infrared sauna use and he said that is what probably helped break up the calcium deposits due to the blood flow.

Because I was clear again, I immediately  headed over to Barry’s Bootcamp for my first running workout where I prepared myself to be out of cardio shape after 8 weeks off. Once again to my surprise, I actually was running faster! I was stunned. I went home and really started digging into infrared technology where I learned that I was actually getting a cardio like workout during my infrared sauna sessions because it was equivalent to running 3-6 miles! I could not believe that my heart was getting a workout without actually running during those 4 weeks. I was hooked. I wanted everyone to know the benefits of sweating and how simple it was to sit there and sweat and how many great things came from it. I was set on opening a studio dedicated to infrared saunas. And that’s how The Sweat House came into existence!

I have been sweating for a little of 3 years now. I use to struggle with headaches and migraines since I was 12 years old. I would get 2-3 migraines a month along with 4-5 big headaches but since I have been sweating I have had just ONE headache. I haven’t had to take any medicines since and this is the biggest benefit I have seen and it has changed my life.

My most memorable moment since opening The Sweat House is when I received a message from a client who had intestinal cancer. She had been sweating 4-5 times a week for two months. When she went back for her progression check, it was the first time she had no growth and all of her blood work came back looking the best it ever had. Her exact words to me were,

Just got a positive report from Dr. today. Things seem to be stable, no new growths, nothing spreading and no issues with blood work. Happy happy. I'm convinced it’s because of the pod. I believe in the pod. A good day. Life is good. Happy to have The Sweat House in my life.

Hearing stories like this and all of the other ways infrared has helped our clients are what inspires and motivates me with The Sweat House. My dream for the future of The Sweat House is to be able to expand into other places, so that we can bring the power of sweat to more people and help improve the standard of health. I want to make infrared heat more mainstream, so that people with conditions like autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, and other health issues can find a solution that is non invasive to bring them some relief. There are so many different benefits that each individual has seen with consistent use of our infrared sauna pods and if just one person can live a better life from sweating, it makes it all worth it.




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No one on this planet is free from toxins, Our bodies have become dumping grounds for toxic compounds that invade our air, water, and soil, even if you try and do all of the right things:exercising routinely, eating organic, drinking plenty of water, getting quality sleep, keeping our bodies clean is still a struggle. Infrared saunas are the super-hero’s in detoxification.

We are all full of toxic substances, but most people don’t realize how toxic we are. Industrial dumping and polluting have resulted in us harboring 700 chemicals on average in our bodies. 700! Babies today are born with about 70 chemicals on average already in their bodies. Luckily for us, advances in technology have allowed us to take detox one step further with the advent of infrared saunas.

For most people they do not realize that they are toxic until they start getting symptoms. However don’t wait until you start experiencing symptoms to make a move. Infrared saunas are one of the best ways to detox your body and its the only way to get certain toxins out of your body.

How does infrared heat help release toxins?
The two major components are

Heat has many benefits on the body when you heat the body. With infrared saunas you are raising your bodies core temperature, when you raise the core temperature you increase the blood flow to the areas being heated. With this increase in blood flow, you get an increase in circulation, this increase in circulation is so important to detoxing, it gets the blood moving around the body, which in turn increases oxygen, nutrients, and helps increase your antibodies and other immune cells to that area. This increase in circulation also allows your body to “grab” toxins and debris in those areas and pull it out of your system!

Sweating is the body’s most natural way to detox. For example, when you are sick you get a fever, well this is the body’s natural defense mechanism. Heating the body assists with the functioning of the immune system. It also disables many microorganisms that don’t like heat such as Lyme disease and parasites. This is a huge benefit to using an infrared sauna, it activates the heat shock proteins in the body which are little proteins that scavenge out trouble and kill off the weak damaged cells that need to be killed off, they will even go for cancer cells. Sweating also lets your largest organ, your skin be activated, this means that toxins will be moving out of your skin. And one problem today for most people is that their skin is all clogged up. So, when you start your sauna sessions, you will find that you don’t sweat as much in your first few session since your skin is clogged up with toxins. Your body has to get use to it and as it does, you will sweat more and more. Your skin will be activated and start to function properly. It unclogs, it wakes up and remembers what is supposed to be doing.

So do your body a favor, start sweating today.